About Us

About Us

SST is a 3rd party IT technical support services provider. We are focused in providing on demand and well managed IT support services around the globe and around the clock. Our highly technical skilled team of engineers is available 24/7 to visit the client site and fix issues. ​

Our engineers are like soldiers and ready to take over the issue at client site. SST has dedicated team of expert Field Engineers available to visit the client site. Our expert in house engineers identify the problem and recommend the best field engineer with required skill sets to visit the client site and take over the issue. SST is focused to provide best IT field engineer's teams to take over the issues and FE management services.

With proper FE management services, we can explain to actual client that how we fixed the issue and get back the system to work as before. Quality is a keyword for SST. We are constantly improving our efforts to maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of our service towards our clients. To that end we continuously invest in training and skills upgrading of all members of the Business Optimization Systems team​

Our Mission

To prioritize customer success and make this world a better place. To offer rigorous training to support professionals and enhance the customer service experience. To be the most customer-centric company, where customers can find solutions to their problems without any trouble.

Our Vision

To be an IT industry accredited Service Desk, to maximise first contact resolution for our customers by providing effective, timely solutions by highly trained Service Desk staff. With an enhanced IT experience we will support and collaborate with the SST community to reach strategic goals.

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